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Manage Finances With Ease

Financli is an affordable solution that provides startups with tools to track income and expenses, create budgets, and carry out forecasts for future financial trends without having to break the bank. All this is made possible by simply entering the required figures in the fields specified and Financli will take care of the rest.

Easy to Setup

Financli doesn’t have a steep learning curve and is considerably easy to deploy - making it a preferable financial planning solution for startups. With Financli, you can create and monitor your financial objectives, get tailored advice on achieving your goal, and keep track of your money with detailed insights.
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Bespoke Financial Planning & Management Solution

Track finances and make informed decisions about the resources at hand. Financli makes it easier to optimally utilize your resource capacity and ensure smart budget planning. It’s a perfect solution for any startup looking for bespoke financial planning solutions. Financli lets you create financial plans tailored to your business needs, set budget goals, and monitor progress over time.

Effortless Cost Estimation

Take charge of your finances with Financli’s cost estimation feature. Just input the expected costs for various items and gauge the impact on the overall financial picture. Financli helps you make budget adjustments with ease and ensure that you are on track to achieve the set financial goals.
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stay on track

Stay on Track

Income statements help startups by providing a clear overview of their earnings and expenditures. Financli gives you access to ready-made income statements - enabling startups to track their progress over time. Know how you’re doing financially and manage your finances with ease. All you have to do is enter the values in the specified fields, we will take care of the rest.

Digital Marketing Budget Module

Avoid overspending on social media campaigns and other marketing activities. Stay on par with the budget and learn to optimize it for your digital marketing campaigns. Ensure smart spending as our digital marketing budget module allows you to plan your digital marketing campaigns without having to deplete your financial reserves.
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Financial Insights at a Glance

Get a clear overview of your finances via a single screen. Financli serves as an interactive dashboard for startups - giving you access to powerful yet easy-to-navigate insights to make informed decisions. Know your progress, income, spending, profit, and overall financial standing so you can make the best choices for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how our software can help your startup thrive.