financial goals

Plan your Financial Goals

Manage your finances the way you see fit with our DIY financial planning solution. Use robust Excel templates to plan your financial goals and manage all your cash flows with ease. This makes it easy to see where your money is going and make adjustments as needed. With Financli, you can set and track your financial goals and stay on top of your finances with thorough insights.

Track Your Cash Flows

Financli makes it easier to track cash flows with custom fields best suited for all use-cases. Our Excel templates help you keep track of all the in and outflows - keeping you up to date with your current financial standing. Financli helps you get a better overview of your finances, income, and expenses - ensuring that you stay on track.
track your cashflow
effortless purchase

Effortless Purchase & Expense Management

Manage your purchases and expenses with Financli. Our DIY financial planning software uses user-friendly excel templates - making it perfect even for the newbies. With Financli, you can easily customize your budget to fit your specific needs and goals. All you have to do is input your data into the specified fields and Financli will take care of the rest.

Bespoke Balance Sheets

Control your spending and optimize your business profitability effortlessly. Create custom balance sheets without any hassle and manage your finances with ease. Financli helps you measure your progress over time with bespoke balance sheets - enabling users to manage their finances error-free.
balance sheet
consulting services

Financial Consulting Services

Financli offers tailored financial consulting services that can steer in the right direction when needed. Our team of financial experts is always there to make your experience smoother by helping you customize templates as per your business requirements. Financli works with you to understand your goals and create the perfect solution for all your financial needs and concerns.