birds eye view financial

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Finances

Keep your finances in accordance with your goals. Financli gives you an overview of your income, expenses, assets, and more. The financial dashboard makes it easier to track your progress and see where you can improve - enabling users to embrace financial stability in the long run.

Visually Pleasing Reports

With Financli’s Dashboard Software, you get monthly or yearly insightful reports and an overview of your assets, profitability, and liabilities via graphs. Stay on top of everything as not a single detail goes unnoticed with Financli - helping you prepare better for the future.
visually pleasing reports
loan interest

Loan Interest Expenses on your Fingertips

Our Financial dashboard software includes a loan interest expense calculation feature and the dashboard lets you access the calculations within seconds. This information is displayed right on the dashboard easily, you can review and track your expenses at a glance with graphical representation.

Keep Your Spendings in Check

Financli’s Financial Dashboard software includes cash flow statements and makes it easier to track and manage your company’s cash flow via charts and graphs. You can see a graphical representation of where your inflow and outflow are and if it's going in the right direction, right there on the dashboard. Make informed decisions about how to best use your company’s resources without any hassle.
spending check

Analyze Project Evaluation within Minutes

Our Financial Dashboard software helps you to analyze your projects evaluation within minutes. It lets you see all your financial data in one place so that you can make smarter decisions about your project by getting in-depth insights present on the dashboard. Manage your project evaluation more efficiently with Financli.

analyze project evaluation

Financial Statements at a Glance

See the bigger picture with financial statements and its graphical representation. The dashboard gives you a clear overview of your finances and can help you make more informed decisions about your cash inflow and outflow. Having this information at your fingertips makes it easy to keep a tab on your finances and keep financial goals in sight.
financial statements