revenue projection

Revenue Projection

Financli makes sure your projections are on point and keeps you updated on the estimated revenue your company will earn over a specific period of time. The app not only helps you determine your company’s future performance but also gives your investors and stakeholders an estimate of how things are going.

Startup Cost Calculation

Calculate your startup costs with the investment required. Simply enter the numbers, and Financli will calculate the startup cost for you. Financli uses accurate models with well-organized fields for fixed assets, operating capital, funding sources, additional loans, and more to give you an estimate to start your venture.
startup cost
inventory module

Inventory Module

Gain access to a leading-edge inventory module with Financli. Manage everything via a single page - from the product's name to its percentage closing inventory rate. Financli brings seamless inventory management at your fingertips - automating the menial and repetitive financial workflows for you.

Depreciation and Amortization Schedule

Calculate the depreciation and amortization schedule for your business with ease. Financli calculates the value of your company's assets on a monthly or annual basis - giving you an accurate representation of the expenses for tax liability and tax reduction.
Depreciation and Amortization Schedule
loan interest

Loan Interest Expenses Calculations

Perform the most intricate and complex calculations hitch-free. Monthly and annual loan interest expense calculations are made simple. Our Financial Reporting Solution enables users to perform monthly and annual interest calculations for the loan directly from the income statement.

Cash Flow Statement

Know the financial standpoint of your business with detailed cash flow statements. An ultimate Financial Reporting Software that gives you all the insights about the cash inflows - calculated automatically on a single screen without you having to go through the hassle of managing it.