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Custom Financial
Planning Tools

Financli is an all-inclusive suite of financial tools that allows you to offer tailored services to best meet the specific needs of your clients. With Financli, you can create financial plans that are comprehensive and custom-made to best serve client requirements - enabling advisors to offer bespoke consultancy solutions with ease

Powerful Predictive Analysis & Variance Reports

Predict the future and gauge your clients’ financial stability with variance sheets. Financli helps you explore your clients' financial standing and helps you devise effective strategies backed by data. The tool allows you to identify potential problems so that effective measures can be suggested to avoid them early on.
variance reports
future finances

Map Out Future Finances

Map your clients’ future cash flows with our Financial Planning Software. Gauge how your clients' finances are likely to change over time by looking at current cash flow statements or graphs - making needed recommendations accordingly. Help your clients make smarter and better decisions for a financially stable future.

Project Evaluation

Analyze your clients’ projects and devise stellar strategies for growth. All you have to do is enter the required data in the fields specified. Financli will take care of the rest - providing you deep insights such as net present value, internal rate of return, and investments - helping you guide your client towards success. The tool also helps you identify potential risks and take the steps required to mitigate them.
projects evaluation
financial trends

Explore Financial Trends

Track key ratios like liquidity, profitability, and efficiency effortlessly with Financli. Explore financial trends for your clients and provide them with valuable insights to improve their overall financial health. Our Financial Planning Software is designed to best serve advisors - helping you make informed decisions for your client portfolios.

Keep a Check on the Break-Even Point

Help your clients make informed decisions about their finances. Financli allows you to dive deep into the data and gather useful insights with break-even analysis. Empower clients to better assess the risks and rewards of making certain financial decisions - undertaking the factors that affect their financial stability.
break even points
financial progress

Financial Progress at One Glance

Make your clients feel secure and confident in your ability to help them reach their goals. Explore how your clients are progressing on a month-to-month basis with Financli. Our Financial Planning Software gives you the ability to offer more targeted advice and assistance to your clients - helping you build trust and rapport in the market.