Data Management

Data Management FAQ's

For data import, Financli currently supports CSV files. Integration with accounting and HR applications is on the horizon.

Regarding data export, Financli enables exporting data in PDF format. This facilitates easy sharing of information. Additionally, users can manage access roles, empowering Admin Users to invite others with restricted access to view reports.

Financli facilitates smooth data integration with Accounting and HR platforms, ensuring that users can seamlessly import data for analysis and management purposes. This capability allows users to consolidate information from various sources, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial planning and analysis. 

Additionally, for data sharing, Financli offers flexible access roles. This enables Admin Users to invite individuals with restricted access to view reports, thereby ensuring controlled information sharing. Should the need arise for external collaboration, Financli offers PDF as a secure data export option.

Financli implements comprehensive security measures, including daily backups of the entire platform, to ensure data reliability and resilience against technical issues. Additionally, for users seeking additional data recovery capabilities for their individual data imported from external platforms, Financli offers a Data Recovery Add-on service. This service, starting from $99 per month, allows users to backup and restore their specific data, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.