Subscription Packages

Subscription FAQ's

Yes, upon registration, Financli provides free access. Users receive complimentary access to Financli’s Freemium Service. This allows users to explore the platform’s functionalities; however, access to reports and dashboards is restricted. This feature enables users to verify that the platform meets their requirements before committing to a purchase.

For clients seeking comprehensive access to reports and dashboards, we offer a Paid Subscription (Premium). This subscription provides access to both input and output reports, as well as dashboards, offering advanced analytics and visualization capabilities essential for informed decision-making.

When you cancel your subscription, it will be terminated immediately upon your request, and you will not be charged further. However, please note that we do not offer refunds for canceled subscriptions. You can easily cancel your subscription by accessing the “Cancellation” option in your profile settings. This ensures a hassle-free process for managing your subscription status.

Financli provides a central service focused on financial modeling and projections, which forms the cornerstone of the platform. This service integrates functionalities for financial modeling, data integrations, and comprehensive analysis capabilities. Additionally, users can enhance their experience with two separate add-ons:

Business Plan Add-on: This add-on provides supplementary tools and templates specifically tailored for developing detailed business plans, complementing the Financial Model service.

Pitch Deck Add-on: The Pitch Deck add-on offers specialized templates and tools for creating professional presentations, which are essential for presenting business plans and analysis to both internal and external stakeholders.

These add-ons are designed to complement and enhance the functionality of the Financial Model, providing users with a comprehensive suite of services to meet their FP&A needs.

Yes, Financli offers the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your service plan as needed. Currently, our platform primarily features the Financial Model as a web application. However, in the future, we will introduce separate portals for the Business Plan and Pitch Deck tailored for the relevant industry. This means users will have the opportunity to upgrade to additional services such as the Business Plan and Pitch Deck portals as they become available, or they can choose to downgrade to a more basic plan if desired. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor their subscription to their evolving needs and preferences.

Currently, Financli exclusively serves the SaaS industry, providing users with access to features and tools tailored specifically for this sector upon registration. However, as the platform expands and evolves, we plan to introduce support for additional industries. Users can anticipate gaining access to these industries as they are launched in the future, allowing for broader applicability and utility of the platform across various sectors. Regardless of the availability of multiple industries, users will have access to only one industry under their subscription plan, chosen upon registration.

No, users cannot change their selected industry under the same account and pricing plan. Each account is associated with a specific industry chosen upon registration, and this selection remains fixed for the duration of the subscription.

If a user requires access to a different industry, they will need to register as a new user with the relevant pricing plan and choose the desired industry during the registration process. This allows users to tailor their experience to the industry that best fits their needs and requirements.